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Re: SAMBA configuration - Machine name SOVED (?)

Craig White wrote:
he needn't bother...all of the info was available to him from samba
documentation had he bothered reading it. We just indulged him.

I beg to differ. As I pointed out, I read all the SAMBA information
available to me on this machine, and in two books devoted to Linux
administration. In point of fact, I found not even one piece of
information neither on my machine, nor on the Red Hat site, nor
in any book (though I did find some on the net in other places)
on how to make SAMBA talk to MSDOS. There may have been some information
on the samba.org web site that I didn't read. Making SAMBA talk to
MSDOS is not the same as making it talk to Windows.

But, I am grateful for the indulgence and help, and recognize
that I did get some indulgence.

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