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Re: Improvements?

On 3/20/06, Xavier Higgins <pyrophobicman gmail com> wrote:
I downloaded FC5T2 when it first came out, and was appalled. There was
a lack of so many things, I just switched to SuSE until the final came
out. Well, it's out. I don't want to get stuck with something bad, so
I wanted to ask a few questions.

1. Is there an "Everything" Install option? Lack of this was the main
reson of avoiding test2.

2. Does Ndiswrapper work better than it did in c4? It locked up!

That's basically it, if anyone has any other comments (features, etc.)
I and the other group members would like to hear.

poly-p man

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Hi Xavier Higgins!
It sounds like they chose a compromise (select entire area) ensted of the everything option.  Please make your desires known to the developers.
Ndiswrapper will be better since it evolves and since the stack size will now accomodate the hungry drivers.

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