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Re: FC5 PPC No Good on Powerbook

On 3/20/06, Matthew Polashek <matt tinysongs com> wrote:

Ok, maybe the video in my powerbook isn't supported by Fedora?  I tried
the FC5 discs and it boots and when the anaconda installer starts the
screen goes dark and eventually the CD spins down.  Any ideas?
*Matthew Polashek*
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Hi Matthew!
This sounds like an X problem.  Some have had them befor on Mac's:
Above is an old article and the part about the Boot X option is there.
Below is the link to the FC5 installation guide.  Please note the display and X options under "boot options" (near the end).  "lores" or the "1024x768" look like some to try or maybe even choose "text mode" and handle the X issues later.  You probably would do well to study the video hardware inside your computer and display hardware to tell X what it needs in /etc/xorg.conf, assumeing the PPC file structure is the same.
Below is a link to a "Fedora Core on PPC" mail-list:
And I noticed what follows in the archives:
On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 09:35 +0200, Luca Gallicani wrote:
> Hi everybody out there, I'm trying to install fedora over my powerbook
> [a 15'' powerbook titanium
> with a PowerPC G4 667MHz, 512 MB SDRAM PC133-333 and
> an ATY-RageM6 Video] but every time I fault using the graphic install.
> I hope somebody could help me.

Try booting the installer with

linux video=ofonly


You may find more help on that list, and I hope I have been of some help here.
Good Hunting!

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