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Re: Ssh keys problem

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 10:25, Andy Green wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Warning - the authenticity of host 'borg ('... can't be
> > established RSA key fingerprint is ......
> > Are you sure you want to continue?
> >
> > Permanently added 'borg' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
> >
> >
> > It's perfectly possible that, when I made a boo-boo on transfering some
> > files from my home directory a couple of days ago, I could have
> > overwritten something.  In fact, I think that's the most likely reason. 
> > Question is, though, how do I go about troubleshooting this?  Should I
> > delete the .ssh directory on the remote box so that I have to start
> > afresh there?
> Put simply, borg was not in your clientside ~/.ssh/known_hosts.  When
> you said yes, it was added.  There's nothing to troubleshoot about that,
> from now on ssh connects to borg will be checked against the signature
> stored now in your known_hosts, silently unless borg's signature changes
> (because it is another machine trying to fake you out, or because you
> reinstalled the OS on borg, etc).
It's strange, though, as I had used it before.

>  > urgent.  Yesterday I found that it was asking for the password for every
>  > transfer, and I'm sure it wasn't the day before.  I've done one
> transfer this
>  > morning, and this is what happened:
> When you run ssh-agent, it prints out some shell commands to set
> environment vars.  You need to make sure that the environment you run
> ssh from has those vars in it, otherwise ssh cannot communicate with
> ssh-agent.
I'm not sure I understand, Andy.  Putting your comments together with my 
experience of gpg, are you saying that ssh-agent isn't running?  If so, I 
presume that I need to add it to startup scripts.


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