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Re: Are RWs a problem? - experiment results

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 09:28, Anne Wilson wrote:
>  I haven't tested in xcdroast since I corrected
> the character-set problem.  I'll try to do that today.  

Data set 1 - 300MB if mp3s

CD-RW - xcdroast - fast blank, couldn't calculate size with Joliet set, but 
burned when Joliet option removed.

CD-RW - k3b - fast blank.  With Joliet set, complained about file names 
containing illegal characters, but burned them anyway once Joliet was 

Data set 2 - 1.5 GB mp3s

DVD-RW - k3b - blank attempted to said to be unnecessary, overwrite accepted.  
With Joliet set, said it couldn't calculate burn size (NB not the same error 
message as when burning the CD-RW).  With Joliet removed, burn completed and 

Conclusions?  Clearly no Joliet, but apart from that the error messages may be 
misleading.  Maybe the fact that I couldn't get them to burn at all after my 
problems a few days ago stem from something that was cached?  I don't know.  
Even the 'illegal characters' caused no problems this time.


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