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Re: Ssh keys problem

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Tuesday 21 March 2006 11:10, Andy Green wrote:
Did you not mention some things got nuked?  If you nuked
~/.ssh/known_hosts this is what you could expect.

No, it was on the remote box that some things may have got nuked. ~/.ssh/known_hosts is referring to the local box, isn't it?

Yep. No idea then, but things stick in that file unless nuked. You have to actually remove things by hand in it if remote keys do change for some reason.

OK - so something else, somewhere, must have been starting ssh-agent without those variables. I rebooted, and no longer get the messages I saw before. I am asked for the password, though, every time I transfer files. There doesn't seem to be a conf file where you can set the key to remain active for a specific time, as there is with gpg.

Check if your shell has the env vars from that ssh-agent of mystery already

$ set | grep SSH_AUTH_SOCK

If that prints something, then you're all set: your problem is only you didn't add your key into ssh-agent this session yet. Just do


and give your key passphrase. After that ssh will work if that's the problem.

ssh-agent is just an empty pocket until you give it your key and passphrase with ssh-add.


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