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Re: [FC5] First impression

Patrick wrote:
Did anyone find out already how to save settings when logging off?


I scanned around and found two entries, one called session and another titled sessions. I selected the session titled entry under. System > Preferences > More Preferences > Session that pulls up a modal type window with three check boxes.

- Save session automatically
- Show Logout menu
- Show splash screen on login

The first entry is not checked, the last two are checked. I suppose checking the first entry would save your session on exit. Unchecking it after you have options as desired should keep the terminal on desktop 4 as you desire. I think you can change the splash image to by drag and drop. I did not read the documentation or drag an image to check.


PS - If your dad complains about the menus taking so long to start the first instance used, FC5 does not have that bothersome delay.

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