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Re: FC5 install: Anaconda fails: "out of diskspace"

Alain PORTAL wrote:
Le Mardi 21 Mars 2006 12:40, Colin Brace a écrit :
Hi all,

I am trying to update an existing FC4 system. After checking for
dependencies, anaconda gives the "go ahead with this install" prompt,
then promptly fails with an error message:

"An error occurred transferring the diskimage to your harddisk. You
are probably out of diskspace."


No indication of which partition... Root still has a couple of gigs
free... how annoying.

Suggestions anyone?

Probably /var


When I attempted installing unsuccessfully to a USB disk, it put the install image on my /home directory. The image for me is 68.6 MB.

If the behavior is consistent, /home is where the install image is stored. I would thought it would be /tmp


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