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Re: FC5 install: Anaconda fails: "out of diskspace"

On 3/21/06, akonstam trinity edu <akonstam trinity edu> wrote:

> In most cases I have found jsut
> installing the Linux in on partition works just as well and avoids the
> problems you are having.

Yes, I realize that. When I first installed Ubuntu on another system,
I was surprised to see that everything was installed in one partition,
root. If I was installing FC5 from scratch, I would do the same.
However, IIRC, earlier anacondas used to set up separate root, boot,
and home directries by default -- or perhaps it was just the person
who first installed it for me -- and I would prefer, if possible, to
update the existing system as it now stands, mainly because I have
177G in my home drive and I would really prefer not to have to copy
all those files back and forth.

  Colin Brace

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