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Re: FC5: software install problems

Stephen Mirowski wrote:
I am trying to install more programs from my FC5 discs, but the install programs
keep grabbing files from ftp mirrors instead of my CDs.

First I tried: "Add/Remove Software"
- picked OpenOffice and some other stuff, so it started download hundreds
of MBs of files I already had on disc.

Then I tried: "Nautilus"
- Selected a whole bunch of OpenOffice files, right-clicked to install.
Well it found all the dependencies on the net, and started to download
them, even though they are on the distro CDs.

Is there a way to use the GUI installers to install programs from the CDs
only (like the way it used to work)  only download files if newer version
are avail (Like Mandriva's RPM tool)?  Or is there another installer?

Repos on CD are on the "TODO" list for the package installer according to the README bundled with the package.

A workaround you could use would be to create a local repo using your DVD ISO:



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