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Re: FC5 install: Anaconda fails: "out of diskspace"

Le Mardi 21 Mars 2006 14:00, Colin Brace a écrit :
> On 3/21/06, Alain PORTAL <aportal univ-montp2 fr> wrote:
> > For each package you want to update, run "yum update package" instead of
> > running "yum update"
> Ahhh. but that is for upgrading FC4 --> FC5 with yum, no?

No :-) Just to update package in the same FCx

> That is 
> perhaps why I am not following you. I had read on this list that
> upgrading that way was not such a great idea, that using anaconda to
> do the upgrade was preferable.

Probably. But it seems to me that Fedora developers always say "Don't upgrade 
your distro, always install the new one".

> When I run anaconda from the FC5 DVD install disk, it complains that
> it there is insufficient diskspace, but it is not clear to which
> partition it is referring...
> At this point, I could also choose for a "new install" and tell disk
> druid *not* reformat root and so on, and let it recreate new /var and
> /tmp partitions within the root partition tree. Just an idea.

Do you really need a 213G home partition?

With a such disk, I strongly suggest you to use logical volume management that 
let you resizing partition as often you need.

LVM feature is availiable on FC.

Les pages de manuel Linux en français :

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