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Re: [FC5] First impression

Patrick wrote:

Yes, I know that Fedora is bleeding edge.

And to be honest, my first two postings (you quoted my 2nd one) were more or less written in frustration (which was my fault).

What I wanted to point out was that with each new release, not only "system"-things are improved, but certain general used things get changed. And not always is the reason WHY that was done obvious (to everyone).


Yep but if you ask test things out and ask early in the development cycle, we can potential document things better. For the session management code, the current implementation doesnt seem to handle various corner cases well and is being hidden (you can still run gnome-session-save and gnome-session-remove commands). There is a plan to rewrite it in the upstream GNOME implementation and likely will be part of the subsequent releases. This might get in the added advantage of more consistency between free desktop environments too.


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