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Re: De-activate a swap partition - I don't believe it!

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 15:34, James Wilkinson wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Rebooting didn't help.  During bootup it reported
> > I/O error on device hdb, logical block 0.
> Gordon Messmer wrote:
> > Well, that probably means that the drive has a bad sector in a very
> > unlucky spot.
> Modern disks will remap bad sectors if they get a chance.
> If a sector goes bad fast enough that the disk doesn't get a chance to
> repair it, *then* you'll see a bad sector. But if you attempt to
> overwrite it (say by repartitioning and reformatting), then the disk
> will map in a known good sector from a list of reserves.
Everything points to sector 0 being nuked.  How or why I don't know.

> Anne, you say it's out of warrantee. 

It may not be - I'm querying that at the moment.  I think it should go back to 
the manufacturer if it failed like that without notice.

> I wouldn't trust that drive for 
> important data, but it will *probably* be perfectly well behaved for
> temporary stuff and stuff you don't care about.
> Keep an eye on the output of
> smartctl -l error /dev/hdb
> in any case!
That reports no errors logged.

I've ordered a new drive which should be here tomorrow.


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