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bittorrent slow

 I am terribly disappointed in the bittorrent, I had heard it would be faster 
then getting them off the mirrors so i fired it up and it nicely told me 1 
day and 22 hours to go. I thought well there wasn't too many people with the 
torrent running yet so with time it would pick up. Well was I wrong I'm still 
sitting here waiting and waiting. Normally I just go to a few mirrors I know 
and I can get the a single iso file in about 20 - 30 minutes. I have my 
bittorrent settings tweaked out as I do alot of torrent stuff so I know its 
not that. I am really discouraged, I am gonna let it run though as alot of 
people are pulling from me as well and I don't want to cut them off. Very 
disappointing. Ok enough ranting, hopefully by the time I get home from work 
tonight it will be done I can burn the ISO's and get FC5 installed. I can't 


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