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Re: Can scp be used to update a directory?

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 07:28, James Wilkinson wrote:
> I should have thought --exclude .[a-z]* or --exclude .??* would have got
> rid of most hidden files and directories. A quick check on my home
> directory suggests both would do the job [1]
For the test I dropped the '-r', but forgot to exclude ~/Desktop, though it 
wasn't important at this point because it was being re-directed to another 
directory.  Here is what I gave:

rsync -e "/usr/bin/ssh" --exclude=.[a-z]* -auvz /home/anne/ 
anne borg:/home/anne/Test

yet it started to act recursively.  Most of the hidden files were excluded by 
the filter, but it let .DOCPSERVER_box.domain.lan, .ICEauthority 
and .Xauthority.  I don't think that the first one is a problem, since it is 
linked to the box, but the other ones probably are.  What do you think?

> I'd also suspect that for the test, you need to --exclude ~/Desktop :
> things could get odd if you repeatedly try to syncronise all of your
> home directory to somewhere underneath it.
I haven't spotted the relevant bit in the man page, so do you list the two 
excludes simply space-separated?


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