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Re: Add/Remove software error

Patrick wrote a rather confusing e-mail with both top and bottom posting
depending on who was quoting whom. And he didn't trim irrelevant text...

He quoted Dan saying:
> Pirut and pup use internet yum repos by default. You can add a file 
> /etc/yum.repos.d/local.repo with the baseurl of your DVD/CD drive, and 
> disable the rest (enabled=0), if you really want to install stuff from 
> there.

and asked:
> If you do that with the base-repo and keep the updates-repo intact,
> wouldn't it install the basefiles from cd/dvd and the updates from
> internet?

This is true. But it will want to load metadata for the updates-repo
from the Internet before it will install from the local repo.

On a machine without Internet access, this could be a problem...

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