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Re: NVIDIA drivers working yet?

On 3/21/06, Andy Green <andy warmcat com> wrote:
> Mark Hutchinson wrote:
> > I need to get the nvidia drivers installed on FC5.
> > Does anyone have this working yet?
> > I have kernel-devel installed and am trying to use the NVIDIA-8178 drivers from
> > nvidia.com but the build always fails.  There does not seem to be any drivers
> > at livna yet either.
> >
> > Anyone know how to get them in?
> You must wait a little while for an updated kernel (and in addition you
> must patch the nVidia driver shim sources).  The kernel that went out
> with FC5 has a symbol needed by the nVidia binary drivers mistakenly
> marked up as GPL-only.  Apparently a new kernel package is forthcoming
> as an update in the next few days.
> I feel your pain as I am currently reduced to 1024x768 instead of
> 3200x1200....
> -Andy
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if you want to get your hands dirty :)

To install latest development kernels 2.6.16* :

To install nvidia drivers:

I did it.


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