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Re: bittorrent slow

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 17:00:36 -0300
Mariano López Reta <mlreta alternativagratis com> wrote:

> Let's see: firewall disabled (I know, I know...), ADSL router with NAT
> on SUA only, ports opened (Bittorrent-gui says "Running normally" -
> otherwise it would say "Firewalled" or something like that). And my

I'm not familiar with that client but you're probably right.  Might
be worth checking out Azureus though.   Note that even when using SUA
only you still must configure the router to forward the bittorrent 
ports.   If you haven't done that you will still be able to do limited
uploads to people but often not enough to saturate your download link.

> average performance is 2 to 3 Kbps with peak performance being 9 to 10
> Kbps on download and upload averaging 8 to 10 with peaks of 15. I don't
> know of any other configuration I might tweak. This performance is
> consistent with my standard ftp or http performance. So, I see no
> advantage in using torrents. That's my point.

Well there are a few things at play here.   The more users you have on a
swarm who have misconfigured setups, the slower it is for everyone.  

Another factor is the ratio of seeders to leechers.   This is obviously
very poor when a torrent first starts and for some time afterward 
depending on lots of factors.   This is why people say things get 
faster with torrents over time; people completing their download and 
becoming seeders.

Whatever the reason for you, it's unfortunate you're not getting 
better speeds; i feel your pain ;o)


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