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Re: De-activate a swap partition - I don't believe it!

On 3/19/06, jdow <jdow earthlink net> wrote:
> (Hint, there is at least partitioning HOW-TO with some hints on where the
> swap files ought to go. Three partitions are usually called for. /boot,
> /, and swap. Ordering depends on the performance you need. If you go to
> swap a lot - put it near the outside of the disk. If you do not go to swap
> at all often then put it anywhere you want, it'll not make a huge difference.)

I don't know what the HOWTO says about swap, but if you're going to be
hitting swap a lot, you want it on the inside tracks of the disk where
the sectors are closer together physically (because they're smaller). 
Less space traveled by the disk head = faster access times.

Then again, swap is universally slow and I personally don't think it
matters where it goes.


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