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Re: when upgrading from FC4 to FC5 from the DVD what will happen to the Extra pakages?

Jim Cornette wrote:
yonas abraham wrote:

I know that the extra packages don't come with the FC5 DVD. so when I
choose upgrade option at inistall time,  how do the dependency get
resolved for the packages i had from FC4-extra? did it break them ?

It probably left the programs depending on libs that are no longer on your system and were replaced upward in versions. Doing a yum update afterwards *should* bring the packages back to functionality.

The maintainers/developers for Fedora-Extras tracked the development up to FC5 pretty much. They did an excellent job for packages that I use from the repository.


Thanks Jim,

It did it. before yum update, I have seen several *FC4.rpm left in the rpmdb. I did yum update and it updated with no problem.

thanks again

Yonas Abraham, PhD
Registered Linux user number 407343 http://counter.li.org
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