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Re: BitTorrent not slow, but users are clueless

Christofer C. Bell wrote:

When many download from few, performance will suffer.  Bittorrent is
"many from many" but only after material has "been in circulation" for
awhile.  I'm pretty convinced that folks complaining about BT
performance in the few hours after FC5 release are simply drawing
attention to their own ignorance.

That's possible, but given the volume of complaints, it's probably worth trying to find out if there really is a problem of some type. Sadly, not many people seem able to offer good diagnostic advice, beyond "make sure people can connect to you".

One of my friends noted that his BT client said there was only one seed in the network, almost half a day after the official release. I only use btclientheadless, so I don't get any of that information. If his client isn't bonkers, it's possible that the tracker's having a problem, and creating client networks that are too small.

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