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Re: BitTorrent not slow, but users are clueless

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 14:26:28 -0800
Gordon Messmer <yinyang eburg com> wrote:

> That's possible, but given the volume of complaints, it's probably worth 
> trying to find out if there really is a problem of some type.  Sadly, 
> not many people seem able to offer good diagnostic advice, beyond "make 
> sure people can connect to you".
> One of my friends noted that his BT client said there was only one seed 
> in the network, almost half a day after the official release.  I only 
> use btclientheadless, so I don't get any of that information.  If his 
> client isn't bonkers, it's possible that the tracker's having a problem, 
> and creating client networks that are too small.

The volume of complaints doesn't seem that high in releation to the number 
of users.   Take at a look at the current stats for the torrent and 
you'll see most people are doing okay:


Problems are usually at the client end, although some may be to network


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