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Re: Unexplained network activity

Andy Green wrote:

David J. Bakeman wrote:

Since I upgraded to the latest FC4 kernel 2.6.15-1.1833_FC4 I've been seeing unexplained network activity in the gnome System Monitor 2.10.1 applet. Using ps (verified with rpm to not be corrupted) and netstat I can't explain the apparent activity. Is this an issue with the gnome applet? Do I have some virus that's using the network? Any ideas?

More details, ports, traffic, protocols.

Sorry I had some issues doing some upgrades today (the latest gnome-system-monitor is dependant on the latest gtop even though apt didn't seem to catch that).

Both ethereal and tcpdump show nothing when I think I'n doing nothing even though the gnome system monitor displays >60% usage(Both ethereal and tcpdump do show something when I'm reading email, accessing the web, etc)? Who do I believe?




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