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Re: RAID 0+1

Thanks so much for your input guys! Very enlightening. So it now comes
down to "If you have limited budget, go for RAID5. If not then RAID10."
Will try RAID 10 in a moment. It could be I was missing some
options/arguments when I tried building the array. So I will be following
the instructions link below.

> jakosalem telpacific com au wrote:
>> I'm currently setting up a new server with 8X73 SCSI disks. I want to
>> implement RAID 0+1 (create a RAID 1 array from a pair of RAID 0s with 3
>> disks each). I'm currenly running Fedora Core 4 with the latest updates.
>> I
>> have been trying to do this but to no avail.
>> I think I read somewhere that Fedora Core 4 still has no support for
>> this.
>> Is this correct? Will Fedora Core 5 solve my problem? Can anyone help me
>> out on the steps needed to create a RAID 10 setup?
> As far as I know, RAID 10 has been supported for a long time.  You
> shouldn't have any problems on FC4.  Does this help:
> http://www.heronforge.net/redhat/node14.html
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