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Re: Fedora Core 5 suspend = laptop can't be switched on

Felix M. Cobos wrote:

I just finished dowloading the Fedora Core 5 x86_64 dvd iso and
installed it.
Everything was fine as spected.
So once with the system running I decided to take a look at the new
Gnome 2.14.
Then I clicked on the Desktop menu and then suspend, and bang!!!! my
laptop can't boot no more. :_(

I have no idea what the hell happend.

The laptop is an Acer Aspire 1501LMi.

Any clues?


I had a similar fallout with a desktop computer I use. I selected suspend from the menu, it suspended, but could not be woken up without pulling the plug. The three second hold on the momentary power button did not totally clear things, so out went the power cord.

You might need to remove AC power and also remove the battery for a few seconds, reinstall the battery and AC adapter and trying to power on the system afterwards.

Avoid using suspend for awhile. (I know, it is right in plain site on the menu, it should work almost universally.)


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