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Re: Unexplained network activity

Mike Klinke wrote:

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 17:49, David J. Bakeman wrote:

Both ethereal and tcpdump show nothing when I think I'n doing
nothing even though the gnome system monitor displays >60%
usage(Both ethereal and tcpdump do show something when I'm
reading email, accessing the web, etc)?  Who do I believe?

If you're referring to the resource monitor percentage display, I'm guessing both. Gnome-system-monitor monitors much besides just the network traffic that tcpdump and ethereal monitor. Try running "top" at a command prompt to see which processes are taking up your processor time.
Actually I'm referring to the network portion of the panel display. Though the Network History in the resources tab of the system monitor window agrees.

The worrisome thing to me is that it drops back to zero after I do something like loading a web page then a little while later it ramps up again. Though tcpdump shows nothing. I hope it's the gnome system monitor. I've verified the tcpdump and ps rpm packages so unless my rpm db is corrupt they should be showing me the correct stuff.

I do notice that I'm getting both ath0 and a wifi0 are created by the madwifi stuff so maybe that's the issue? OK this was a false alarm at least with this group :<( The issue seems to be with the newer madwifi stuff I installed at the same time as the new kernel. I dug up a Ethernet cable that was long enough that I could go land line and all the unexplained network stuff stopped.

Thanks for the help I'll go bother the madwifi people now :<)

Regards, Mike Klinke

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