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Re: Unexplained network activity

Rickey Moore wrote:
Mike, this begs the question just what or where is the ethernet speed
set or regulated?? I'm one of two users on our router to our DSL
modem. My roommate's Winders machine runs the web like a bat out of
hell, while my machine is relatively slowwww... there must be
something I need to tweak, I just don't know where or what. Thanks
for any considerations, Ric

My setup:


My times in milliseconds over 21 pings...

Dest	Trip	Mdev
----	----	----
Router	 0.580	0.019
MoDemI	 1.317	0.055
Self*	 0.076	0.014
AMD586~	 0.838	0.029
MoDemO	 0.585	0.017
Gateway	53.034	3.920
DNS 1	50.359	1.091
DNS 2	49.641	0.591

* Using my fixed LAN side IP address
~ An MSDOS machine on the same network at the moment,
connected via a 10 Base T ether NIC

MoDemI is the ADSL MoDem from my side (inside)
MoDemO is the ADSL MoDem from the outside (assigned IP lease address)

MoDemO may be my Linux machine as seen from the WAN, but
the address is that reported by the MoDem.

Of course, you need to see your WINxx machine times, but at least
now you've got some feel for what a "normal" connection setup looks
like. These numbers are pretty typical of what I've experienced.

Lessee, 84 octets = 672 bits, so packet length vs. transmission
speed (i.e. 10 vs 100 Mbps) is irrelevant. At 10 Mbps that's only
0.067 ms actual transmission time, err, times 2 = 0.134 ms total.
This is quite a bit less than the 0.838 ms round trip for the AMD.
That means that the AMD is taking something like 0.628 ms thinking
about the packet and composing a reply.

Oh, well. Hope that helps.

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