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Re: fedora-usermgmt-shadow-utils

Hi Éric,

Le Mardi 21 Mars 2006 20:47, Eric Tanguy a écrit :
> If i try to uninstall fedora-usermgmt-shadow-utils :
> sudo rpm -e fedora-usermgmt-shadow-utils
> Password:
> erreur: %preun(fedora-usermgmt-shadow-utils-0.8-2.fc5.noarch) scriptlet
> failed, exit status 2
> what's the problem ?

Strange... I just installed (on FC-4) then remove this package without error.

If you have a look in the fedora-usermgmt spec file, you can see the 
preuninstall script:

%preun shadow-utils
test "$1" != 0 || %alternatives --remove %name %confdir/scripts.shadow-utils
test "$1" != 0 || %alternatives --remove %name %confdir/scripts.legacy

I'm really not a guru in alternatives, but after erasing package, have a look 
in /etc/alternatives, fedora-usermgnt doesn't be present, and 
in /etc/fedora/usermgmt, directories scripts.legacy and scripts.shadow-utils 
don't be present anymore.

Hope this help.

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