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Re: Dumping Windows

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 10:00, Malcolm Moore wrote:
> Can someone point me in the right direction here
> Has anyone or does anyone know of documentation / tools
> to help migrate Windows Server users to Linux/Samba users
> Specifically : I have 1300 users on W2k3 servers
> I want to move the user accounts/home directories to Linux/Samba
> and keep the XP workstations and then in a while drop the XP
> workstations in favor of Fedora
> Ok, I could RTFM and wade thru Samba and Fedora documentation
> but I was rather hoping for a 'Guide for the Impatient' or a write
> up from someone who has alredy done it - Bear in mind there
> are only 2 of us supporting these 1300 users !!
Good advice given by others, regarding distro to use.  On the samba front, if 
it's at all possible set up your samba server and attach just one XP 
workstation, and, if possible, one linux one, both of which should not be 
used by someone else for the time being.  If you can get everything working 
to your satisfaction it's simplicity itself to move other boxes over, but you 
are quite likely to have some teething troubles, and you don't want other 
users on your back while you are learning new skills.

There's tons of stuff about to read.  Some of it is too old to be useful - the 
first troubleshooting guide I found was written for Samba 1!  The biggest 
problem is finding docs at the level you want.  In your situation I would 
think "Samba 3 by Example" is your best bet.


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