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Re: Can scp be used to update a directory?

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 02:42, Jeff Vian wrote:

> > yet it started to act recursively.  Most of the hidden files were
> > excluded by the filter, but it let .DOCPSERVER_box.domain.lan,
> > .ICEauthority and .Xauthority.  I don't think that the first one is a
> > problem, since it is linked to the box, but the other ones probably are. 
> > What do you think?
> If you want to exclude the ones that start with an uppercase letter,
> change .[a-z]* to .[a-zA-Z]*.  This is caused by the fact that shell
> globbing is case sensitive, so you need to explicitly list both cases in
> your expression.
Yes, I suspected that would be the solution, but held off until I resolve the 
multiple exclusion question and recursivity.  I will make local backups to RW 
of any config files I suspect I'd want to keep.  However, can you see any 
reason why the command I gave would act recursively?  That was totally 
unexpected, and undesired at this stage.  I need to workout the exclusion 
list first.

What about multiple exclusions, Jeff?  Do they get listed space-separated?  Or 
is there some way to pass a file as the parameter?


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