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Re: Duplicate Name Exists on the Network

ahhh.... Is this the problem? :D

How do I go about changing that, I'll google it now :)

Thanks soo much

James Wilkinson wrote:
Ben May wrote:

I have an odd error on my company network, whenever a computer starts up, it says "there is a duplicate name on the network" or what ever that xp message is, but after about 3 secs it goes away and everything is working fine..

I've narrowed it down to the fc4 fileserver; I've killed nearly every
process, but it is still happening.. is this a samba problem? or is
something running to do this,.. the network still works, its just

Silly question, perhaps...

You haven't got a server with the same name as the domain/workgroup,
have you?


   Ben May
   ben benmay org

...Once we've got the bugs ironed out, we'll be running on flat bugs.

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