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httpd.conf problems

I did a fresh install of FC5 on my web server (was FC2, now FC5).  I
was previously using two Listen commands in the httpd.conf file (just
ports i.e.

Listen 80
Listen 443

And I was using .htaccess & .htpasswd for access control to a site on port 80.

However I get a Failed when trying to start the httpd with another
Listen command in the conf file.  At startup the error was something
like it couldn't bind to

And the .htaccess is not prompting for a password.  I've gone over the
old .conf file that I had saved and the new one and can't see anything
that I'm missing.  I have the Virtual Host commands, and the
NameVirtualHost *:80 as well as a second such command for the
alternate port.  And I've opend up those ports in iptables (which
wouldn't affect starting the httpd, it would only affect connecting to
it, but just to make sure...)

Any idea what might be causing this problem?  I've re-booted a number
of times just to be certain.  If I comment out the second Listen
command (which is on its own line, and I use vi to do all my editing),
it works.  But if I put in the second Listen command regardless of the
alternate port, httpd fails to start.

By the way where could I go to see the errors produced on startup?  I
checked /var/log/messages and dmesg but couldn't find the error
message generated on bootup when trying to start the httpd.  When
trying to start it afterwards using /etc/init.d/httpd start, it simply
says failed.  Could I make that more verbrose?  Couldn't find any
switches in the man pages that would do that.


Jacques B.

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