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Re: FC5 Reiser fs installation problem

Does anyone know what the proper options are for installing FC5 with

Not sure, but I think the proper method to disable SELinux is "selinux=0."
I.e, you need to add the following to the boot options for the installer:

boot: linux reiserfs selinux=0

Hope that helps.

>-- >Peter Gordon (codergeek42) >This message was sent through a webmail > interface, and thus not signed.

That seems to fix the selinux problem but, unfortunately, another problem has been exposed. Now at the first reboot after installation, I get a number of "File not found" type messages. I cannot remember the exact wording of the messages but the gist of them was that /dev/root and /proc, amongst others, could not be found. /dev/root is sitting on my root (/) partition which I have formatted with a reiser fs. At first glance, it would seem that the root partition could not be mounted so the system could not find the files that it was looking for. Someone reported on FedoraForum that "linux selinux=0 reiserfs" worked for him so I don't know why it's not working for me. Does the order of the arguments ("selinux=0 reiserfs" vs "reiserfs selinux=0") matter. I installed FC4 with exactly the same partitions (/boot on ext3, / and /home on reiserfs) last week on the same computer just last week - it's a new system that I was testing - but I can't seem to do it with FC5. The only difference is that I did not have to specify selinux=0 with the FC4 install. It's starting to get rather annoying.


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