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Re: How to config adsl???

Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:

On 3/22/06, *Tod Merley* <todbot88 gmail com <mailto:todbot88 gmail com>> wrote:

    Hi Ter Strom!
I would start with reading the modem manual. Usually they connect
    to the computer via ethernet (most desireable) or wireless (more
    interesting).  And usually they have a "webpage" configuration
    interface which you can connect to through a browser ( e.g. Firefox)
    once your connection to the modem is established.  Often software on
    a CD (and the manual by the same means) is provided with the modem
    and the modem can be quickly set up using the provdided software on
it's native format (usually Windows).

My experience with setting up ADSL reminds that firefox is unable to make the final changes to ADSL's flash memory. I mean changes work till power (to modem) is on. I have to use IE to achieve full functionality of the device. YMMV.


Anil Kumar Shrama

What make?

I just received a D-Link from my ISP that would not work with Mozilla. With Firefox, it works well. Of course I don't allow popups and other restrictions in Mozilla.

When I called D-Link support, I hit the old use IE statement and answered that there is no version for Linux. I know data was saved between reboots as I turned the power off a few times.

I will have to wait and see how well it works.  I know that that

Robin Laing

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