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FC5: gnome-pilot AND pilot-link broken (worse than FC4!)

Good day all,

Anyone who used FC4 and has a Palm will probably be aware of the
multitude of problems that FC4 had with Palm syncing. I was able to get
gnome-pilot (and hence Evolution syncing) to work by installing Mark G.
Adams' RPM's.

Having just installed FC5, I've found that gnome-pilot crashes like it
did on FC4. However, there is an additional problem that was not present
with FC4. Even before installing Mark G. Adams' RPMs on FC4, I was able
to use pilot-link to talk to my Palm (using the command pilot-xfer). I
can still do this, but if I run it two or three times, it completely
freezes my computer to the point that I must press the reset button.

So, my questions are:
- Has anyone else experienced problems with pilot-link hanging their
- Any advice on how to troubleshoot this?
- Any advice on how to fix this?
- If I can get pilot-link to stop hanging the machine, any advice on how
to get gnome-pilot to work so I can sync with Evolution?

I have:



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