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Re: File System

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 23:13 +0530, Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:
> .OT.
> Whenever I have top-posted, and there are many, it is against my own
> resolution.
> The trouble is with the mail clients ..... yes. If 99% of users agree
> that top posting is not to be done/preferred, then WTH the mail client
> offers me the top position to type in the reply box ... and then each
> mail client wants to be 1-up in providing user friendly features. 

I wasn't going to enter this thread, but thought I would clarify why the
mail clients have your cursor at the top in the reply window.

You're supposed to "trim" the quoted message, not just type in a

If they put the cursor at the bottom, we would complain about having to
scroll back up to trim and the messages would just get longer and longer
since folks wouldn't bother to trim....  Of course, I'm not sure if that
is enough of a reason given the monthly brouhaha on this list about

To each their own....


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