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FC5 PRISM Wireless won't connect

I just upgraded a Fedora Core 4 machine to Fedora Core
5.  Previously, the wireless card (PRISM 2 based)
worked great in Core 4 using the orinoco_cs driver.

Now, when booting Core 5, the card will not connect. 
It's detected and available in the network config GUI
(now as wifi0 instead of eth1 as in Core 4).  However,
it just sits there with lights flashing and won't
associate with anything.

Looking at dmesg, I see this repeated a whole slew of

wifi0: LinkStatus: BSSID=44:44:44:44:44:44
wifi0: LinkStatus=6 (Association failed)

It seems that the card is now using a different driver
than before (HostAP?) which seems to be causing me
problems.  Any ideas how to fix these problems?  If
not, how can I just go back to the orinoco_cs driver?

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