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FC5, Dell Latitude, wireless, and beagle Oh my!

Installed FC5 on a Dell Latitude CPx laptop yesterday.  Install went
fairly smoothly.  The only problems encountered was the LCD was not
identified.  It defaulted to a 800x600 resolution.  Was able to correct
that later by selecting a higher resolution screen and set it to

IMHO the package selection screens appeared a little cartoonish.  It
might be the laptop screen and the default resolution.  Will have to
compare when I get a chance to install on a desktop system with a better
monitor and video card.

It was nice to see that the prism54 drivers were included and the
wireless card was detected.  The only issue with that was that I had to
get the firmware copied to the /lib/firmware directory.  After that I
was able to get the wireless connection up an running.  

BTW: the USB flash drive I used to get the firmware transfered to the
laptop worked well.  Flash drive showed up as expected.  Very nice.

Today I noticed the CPU getting hit really hard by the beagle process.
I looked for where this was started but did not find it in the services
tool.  I did find and entry under System->Search & Indexing that was set
to start search and indexing services automatically.  I disable this
option.  I am hoping that disables this beagle task completely.
Searching through the menus I don't see anything that would allow
configuration or use of this beagle search service.  Possibly I did not
install a part of it.  But if it eats CPU cycles as it did I don't think
this is something I would want to run on this laptop.  Not clear on the
benefits of using beagle either.  The other thread on this topic did not
shed much light on that.

I have also noticed some odd behavior with the mouse pad on the laptop.
As the pointer is moved sometimes it seems to cause the browser to do a
back page or raise a window that was minimized.  Have tried adjusting
the options under the mouse preferences but that has not made any real
difference.  Did not have this kind of behavior under FC2.  

So far things have worked better than expected, other than the items
noted.  Good job everyone!

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