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FedoraCore 4 Installation Problem

Hi all,

I had MS WinXP installed and working well with my dell laptop. Recently i installed Fedora Core 4 as per the installation instructions. Once after the complettion of installation when i tried to boot in MS Windows, 
booting has been failed with some message "Chainloader+1". Fedora booting is happening normally. I expect somebody would help me in this. 

On my computer's Hard disk, the partition are made as per following. 

SDA1:- Partition 1: Fat32 - Primary Partiotn (Data) 
SDA2:- Partition 2: / root for Fedora Core 4 - Primary Partion 
SDA3:- Partiotn 3: Extended Partition with thre logical partions including linux swap partion 
SDA4:- Partion 4: Primary Partition where MS Windows XP Media Centre is installed 

Is there any problem with the extended partition which is located between two primary partitions unlike its usual existence at the end of Hard Disk?

In Grub command line, i tried the commands 
> rootnoverify(hd0,4) 
> makeactive 
> chainloader+1 

Even these instructions doesn't fix the problem.
Any suggestions or ideeas to fix this?

Thanks and Regards,
Ram Prasad

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