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sshd /var/log/secure entries

I did a fresh install of FC5 on our web server which also runs sshd. 
When I checked /var/log/secure this morning I noted connections to my
account from my IP, but during the early hours of the morning when I
was sleeping.

Upon further examination I noted that there were two entries for each
connection.  One for the correct local time.  The second with the
GMT/UTC time for the same entry (same PID, same Port #, etc, just
different time stamp).

I tested it this morning and sure enough, it created two entries.  One
for the current time and one for 4 hours later (GMT/UTC time).

Anyone else experiencing this?  Any ideas what would cause this?  I
hesitate to report it as a bug until I can rule out misconfiguration
on my part as the cause.  I haven't checked yet but I assume that
somewhere you can define the log format for sshd log entries.  The
problem may lie there.


Jacques B.

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