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Re: Dumping Windows

You really should not be using Fedora for serious work.

I'd say that depends on the nature of the work, the users, and the extent of reflex tendencies to yum every morning.

In my case, I've been using it for web-site and Java (Netbeans) development with no particular problems.

Noting that I'm going to try the latest SUSE from Novell as soon as I can, I'll suggest two or three things --

One is that having a lot of ordinary users helping find the bugs in FC (or any of the dev distros) is a good thing, although it is even better if you get permission from management and at least verbal agreement from the users.

The other is that, any OS you run, you should have staging boxes to check patches, updates, and application compatibility on some of the more patient users before you deploy them across the user base. MSWindows is no exception to this rule.

And, concerning money, donations seem to be always a good thing.

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