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Re: am I getting old (lead fingered), or have my mice been taking steroids

Claude Jones wrote:

OK - with a subject line like that, this is going to be a letdown.
On two separate FC4 machines, my mice have suddenly acquired deep sensivity - no, they aren't crying every time I click, but they are taking single clicks


and treating them as double. I'm skimming mail, for instance, and I click on the next message arrow, and two messages are marked read and the third message gets displayed. If I click on a message in the list to see it in the reading pane, it opens up its own window. Doesn't happen every time, but, it's happening with increasing frequency - like many times a day. I tried playing with the KDE (I'm running KDE-Redhat) sensitivity setting, but it didn't seem to help.

Check /var/log/messages for USB troubles, or notices about latency problems?


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