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Re: Are RWs a problem?

Anne Wilson wrote:
> I haven't used RW disks for ages, but since I wanted to experiment a bit, it 
> seemed sensible.  I put a CD-RW into k3b (FC4) and it erased it happily, but 
> I can't get it to burn to the disk at all.

There is a new version of k3b for both FC4 and FC5 in updates-testing.
Harold Hoyer has asked on fedora-test-list that people please test it.
If you are still having problems with k3b, you might want to try it.

You will have to temporarily enable updates-testing to install this: try
something like
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update k3b
If you find any bugs in the new updates-testing, please check they
aren't in bugzilla, and if they aren't, add them.

The usual disclaimer applies: this is a test release of the k3b package
(based on a new upstream version). It may have fixed some bugs and
introduced others, and there's no guarantee what those bugs might do...

I don't have k3b installed on my system, so I obviously don't have
anything that depends on it. If this is true for you, and you want to
revert k3b, the easiest way will be to uninstall and reinstall from
stable repos.


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