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Re: FC5 Installation turned out to be a disaster

On Thursday, March 23, 2006, at 04:46 AM, Michael A. Peters wrote:

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 13:32 -0800, Richard E Miles wrote:
I installed the FC5 release on Tuesday but I experienced a problem I have never had with any redhat or fedora releases. The anaconda could not detect my vidio graphics card. This is a nvidia geforce FX 5200 card. This card has been detected on previous installs (FC4). Because of this I did not get a graphical install. The install took 2 and a half hours (fresh install). As such no xorg.conf file was produced. System-config-display aborted. Because of this I had no X window capability. This is totally unexceptable. I had to go back and reinstall FC4. I know fedora is a bleeding edge distribution but this is not accepted. I am
seriously thinking of switching distributions.

Yeah - odd that Fedora is the only distribution to ever have an
installer bug, isn't it ...

Anyway - a better thing to do would be

1) Specify your hardware
a) Motherboard (if you know it)
b) Computer Make (if you don't know motherboard)
c) RAM installed
d) Maker of the video card. Use hardware browser in FC4 to get info
about it.

Then maybe someone might know what is going on, and may be able to make
a suggestion (such an argument to pass when starting the installer) that
will help your experience go a little smoother.

I had a RedHat Linux installation that did not recognize my video card.
For the Optic 620 with the flat screen 1704FPVt, I had to use

linux text nofb

and establish the video after the system was installed.

Read the information in F2 and F3 before entering the boot command

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