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Re: UTF8 settings (was: Can scp be used to update a directory?)

On Thursday 23 March 2006 08:53, James Wilkinson wrote:
> I asked Anne Wilson:
> > Can you open a shell and type
> > echo $LANG
> > It should return
> > en_GB.UTF-8
> > which should confirm your settings.
> >
> > And you'd probably better check /etc/sysconfig/i18n, too.
> She replied:
> > Both say that I'm using en_US.UTF-8.  I have kde set to use en_GB.UTF-8,
> > I believe, but if I run system-config-language only en_US.UTF-8 is
> > present. How can I change it?
> Change that value in /etc/sysconfig/i18n. Although the difference is
> simply that you'll occasionally get American content / spelling /
> preferences. You shouldn't have problems with accents or unusual
> characters due to the difference.
My i18n file contains


I presume the font line stays unchanged, and the top line seems 
straightforward, but what does your SUPPORTED: line look like?

> (Having said that, I'm still on FC4. Check /usr/lib/locale and make sure
> there's an en_GB.utf8 directory there if you're on FC5).
I'm on FC4 too, but there is such an entry in /usr/lib/locale.

> > I've seen it mostly in konqueror file manager, but yesterday I received
> > an email where one name showed the same problem.
> So from where did you get those files? Were they generated on another
> computer?
Some on this computer, some on what is now the server box.  The email I 
mentioned arrived in kmail, showing the same symptoms, a couple of days ago.

> What happens if you ls them from the command line?
Here's a sample -


The title should read 


> As for the single e-mail -- I'd blame the other end, personally.
Maybe.  Maybe he has the same problem as I do.


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