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Re: MD5/Check Cd passes, install dies

On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 08:25 -0500, Mark Haney wrote:
> I was all ready to run with upgrading my FC4 boxes to FC5 last night at 
> home after doing several at work.  I burned the i386 DVD (which wasn't 
> used here at work since we only have 64-bit) and took it home.  K3b 
> passed the checksum when burning, the installer Disc Test passed the 
> DVD, but when starting the actual upgrade process it got to the first 
> package (gtk+ or something) and errored out saying the package was 
> corrupt or the disc was bad.  Has anyone seen this on FC5 other than myself?
> -- 

k3b calculates an md5sum on images when and makes a happy little check
next to the sum when it's done.  This doesn't really mean anything
because any old junk will have an md5sum.  k3b does have a verify burned
cd button that compares the CD to the ISO, but again this doesn't mean
anything since you could have just burned a good copy of junk data. 

A file is distributed with the ISOs called SHA1SUM that contains
checksums of the ISOs. You can check all the files at once with :

sha1sum --check SHA1SUM

However the checksums in SHA1SUM could be garbage or forged so that file
is gpg signed. You can check it with :

gpg --verify SHA1SUM

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