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Re: USB drives disappeared

rich wrote:

I just install FC 5 and my usb drives have dissappeared. Interestingly enough, my usb mouse works fine. Has any one else had this problem and does anyone have a solution?


From the release notes:

7.7. No automatic fstab editing for removable media

The fstab-sync facility has been removed. In Fedora Core , the fstab-sync program is removed in favor of desktop specific solutions for mounting removable media. Entries for hotplug devices or inserted media are no longer automatically added to the /etc/fstab file. Command-line users may migrate to gnome-mount, which provides similar functionality.

I haven't seen the rationale for the change and I'm not certain that I like it. I liked the automatic fstab editing and not everything that I do with USB drives is desktop oriented. I'm going to see how it goes as as I use FC5 more.


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