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Re: FC5 Upgrade with yum??

On 3/23/06, Rickey Moore <wayward4now yahoo com> wrote:
> "Smith, Herb" <herb smith boeing com> wrote:
> I did an upgrade from FC4 to FC5 last evening. I'm having a couple
> issues...
> Is it possible to upgrade from FC4 to FC5 using yum??? Would this not
> prevent "issues" and actually be better for everyone's nerves??
> Suppose you could 'subscribe' to a sequence of mirrors that would install
> core utils piecemeal... a group of rpms at a time which would give you time
> to recover from whatever blew your installation up, before the next wave of
> rpms hits? Methinks this would be a sane way to update... not a hugely
> invasive process as seems to be the norm. My harddrives are fine, my
> networking is sorta fine (slow as hell) no problems with the settings to my
> keyboard or soundcard or printer or CDrom. They are just fine. So is my
> display and video card.
> So, the practi! ce of putting EVERYTHING on the line, then booting to see
> what blew up doesn't make a heckuva lot of sense IF there are no huge issues
> involved that would necessititate completely re-installing. If all of my
> presently installed RPM's were just updated, I would be happy as a clam. Can
> this be done? Once again, I think it would be better if the update were
> staged, one portion at a time, as you prepare for it. God, that would be
> sane. Thanx, Ric

Yes, I did the upgrade issue on FC4 to FC5 using yum and I think it
must use updated "yum" to perform the upgrade progress because it
would cause many defencey failed.

Any only one thing is missing is chinese input method and tables in scim.

Best Regards,
Wong Kwok Hon

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