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Re: FC5 iptables issue

Hello John,
Am Donnerstag, den 23.03.2006, 20:36 +0800 schrieb John Summerfield:
> In a similar vein, cups servers can communicate with each other by UDP 
> broadcasts to port 631. It's how my laptop automatically discovers 
> printers at home, and different printers at work. If you're printing on 
> a network, you probably want it open.

This is true.

> TCP port 631 is different, and unless something's changed recently, 
> there's nothing listening to any external interface on port 631. 

If you allow your printer to be used by other machines, they will make
the connection to the printer via tcp:631 to your machine. 
It is just needed, if you want your machine to be configured remotely
via e.g. web browser or to be print server.


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