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Re: FC5-i386-disc1&2.iso File Size

On 3/23/06, Nader Mirzaee <nmirzaee yahoo com> wrote:
hi all
i have downloaded disc1 & disc2 iso images by bittorent from bordeaux site ,but when i compare it to redhat fedora files there is a difference in the file size
what i have :  disc1  671M                redhat fedora file size: 655 M
                    disc2  684M                                                 668 M

can someone explain it?

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Hi Nader!
I am not sure exactly what you are talking about here.  I did notice that the file size of the ISO (the disk file image) was slightly larger than the resultant CD as indicated by the burning program.  I am glad that my burning program checks the MD5 sums (a file integrity check) before it burns the image.  It is always good to do so (see link):
You should find a list of the file MD5 sums on the same site you downloaded the ISOs.
I am suspicious that the differences in ISO image file size and resultant CD size is caused by the boot and metadata portions not being counted as "data" (see link):
However, there is probably some overhead just in the ISO9660 file system (see link):
And the truth is I really do not yet know for sure (and need to go to sleep now).

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